Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's have native breakfast this time, guys ~"But-ong" and "Puto" with native Coffee! ♥

"But-ong" (the 'cousin' of "Ibos"/"Suman?!)

Aaahh...nothing like a hot cup of fragrant native coffee with breakfast!

Today's a happy day!
God willing, I am looking forward to an "answered prayer" today with regards to a business transaction I've been praying for...
I praise the Lord and give my thanks to Him ~ Him, the Sovereign God, to whom all blessings flow.
Wishing all of you God's blessings likewise...

Love, light, and much happiness,

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Food Morning, Bacolod!

Victoria Maranon said...

yummmmm bin li ko Sal but ong :) yer such a tease gurl!!! :P

Jo Reyes said...

ay kanamit ,hidlaw na ko na Nang Sally

Gil Alfredo B. Severino said...


Marsha De Asis Larroza said...

OH my.....!but-ong,but-ong,but-ong...........whaaaaaa.....!

Maria Paulina said...

i missed this! :(

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