Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank You, Lord, for true people who enrich my life and make it meaningful by their friendship! ♥

Happy to know that my good friend  *Leah Tolentino  is in town.
Excited to have fellowship with her and 2 other kindred spirits ~ our friends Mini Gavino and Yeyette San Luis.
Enjoyed our get-together at Kaisei Japanese Restaurant.
"Thank You, Lord!"

(R: Ms.Leah Tolentino during a session with a young woman from mainland China)

*Leah R. Tolentino is a teacher, retreat facilitator, artist-healer.
 Her academic and non-formal studies in the inter-disciplinary fields of Psychology, Spirituality, Movement and Dance studies, Communication, Indigenous Sacred Ways are grounded through over two decades of facilitating sessions on transformation, healing and renewal, incorporating the psycho-soma-spiritual approach to various audiences:
 students and out-of-school youth, government executives and NGO workers, economically deprived urban and rural folks, women-in-crisis, seminarians, religious formators, teachers, spiritual seekers.
 Currently, she is a lecturer in the doctoral program of the Asian Social Institute, a faculty of the Institute of Formation for Religious Studies, and Director of *GINHAWA, Inc. which conducts body-based renewal programs on a periodic basis.

*GINHAWA ~ Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

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