Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stop-over at my Tito Albert's beautiful La Vista ♥

From our trip to San Carlos city proper, noon time caught us at Kilometer 67, La Vista Highlands.
 We had a quick lunch and as always, enjoyed the panoramic views. 

my friend-and-business partner:
Christine Sia Rodriguez 

 We started our lunch with a pitcherful of very very cold
Lemongrass Lemonade ~ La Vista's "signature drink".

Followed by
 Krispy Kangkong...

a big bowl of hot
 Bulalo Soup...

Adobadong Hito...
(my hubby's fave) ♥

Grilled Tuna (Panga).

 And since we were feeling the heat,
 we ordered a yummy dessert of
 Banana Split with Ube and Mango Ice Cream.

Thank You, Lord, for another amazing day full of blessings...

Love ~ SAL ♥

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