Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Mom's Sunday dinner treat for the whole family ♥

Thank You, Lord, for a blessed Sunday!
As always, felt blessed to attend Sunday give praise and worship to the Lord.
Felt happy, too, to 'bond' with family 
~ my Mom and siblings included.
Our Mom invited us all to have a dinner get-together 
at one of our favorite restaurants 
~ Bob's.

To dearest Mom,
Thank you so much for the dinner treat.
We enjoyed our moments together as a family. ♥

my fave Callos

Pork Teriyaki

Adobo Pusit with Black Rice

our unico hijo's dessert which he graciously shared with me:
Java Cheesecake

Sorry, can't post the other photos just yet 
~ it's in the other phone and somebody borrowed it.
 Will try to post it soon. 

"Be happy in the moment,
that's enough.
Each moment is all we need,
not more."

~Mother Teresa

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