Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lord, teach us to pray.

Some of the best prayers are the shortest ones.
In fact, the best kind of prayer is said in tears,
 or whispered,
 or just remains in the heart, unsaid.
The bottom line of prayer is faith and trust.
A heart speaks to another heart.
Beyond formula, beyond form, beyond liturgy, and explanation,
 prayer is a relationship,
 without which prayer becomes an obligation,
 or just a show,
 or worse, a joke.

One of the shortest and best prayers we need to pray is:

"Jesus, I trust in You!"
We have to realize that we need to trust more in God,
and remember that we are loved by God. 

A moment with the Lord:
 teach me to pray truly and sincerely,
 full of trust in Your love for me.

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