Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CHIKA-AN Restaurant at the Central City Walk at Robinson's Place Bacolod :-)

If you are looking for authentic and scrumptious Filipino cuisine,
then Chika-an is the place to go!

Cucumber Lemonade
It was quite refreshing and I liked it.

Utan Bisaya Soup
Utan Bisaya Soup is Cebu's native vegetable soup, or so they say.

Crab Relleno
~sauteed crabmeat placed in half of a crab shell and topped with egg batter

( The pieces were quite small, but nevertheless, it was full of crab meat and not full of extenders like potatoes that are usually present.)

Sizzling Marlin Ala Pobre

Buttered Garlic Shrimp
This is my favorite Chika-an dish.
I think it is cooked with just the right proportion of butter and garlic.

Grilled Chorizo
This makes me wanna say “more rice?!” (LOL)

Unlimited Rice

I tried eating at Chika-an with my friends last night and had a great time.
The place was nicely-lit and has a warm ambiance, suitable for having a good meal with family or friends.
Chika-an Bacolod is franchised by Ian Lo, who is also the nephew of hubby's close friend, Atty.Hans Chua.
(Delighted to bump into Tito Hans and Tita Ching Chua the night I was there, too!)
I plan to be back with my family next time.
I want to try their other specialties, especially the Monggo Soup, Crispy Pata, and Grilled Squid.

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kat said...

whoah! you sure took notes of all the details! how about the prices? did u keep the receipt? hehe

Chef Q said...

love the soup. utan bisaya soup always make my mouth water.

joselle said...

I totally agree with you, Chef Q. I will not miss ordering it everytime I visit

skylove...busy said...

cool! nice shots :)

gilvillagracia said...

great shots !!

Cherrey said...

Good thing you enjoyed the food too. I am currently writing a blog about Chikaan (although I’ve eaten here like a lot of times) so I tried checking out other blogs about what you guys had to say

Patty said...

Oh my! The buttered garlic shrimp looks awesome! Makes me want to run out and buy the ingredients and make it for dinner!

markin said...

i agree! nice jud ang chikaan! my personal favorite

Synz said...

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