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The Philippine Madrigal Singers (MADZ '89) REUNION CONCERT: A must-watch once-in-a-lifetime concert!! ♥

Thank you, Lord, for an amazing night of music!
Felt blessed and inspired to have watched the  (Philippine Madrigal Singers) MADZ '89 Reunion Concert  with my Mom (also an alumna of the U.P.College of Music), my sister, and my nephew.

Visiting my beloved  U.P.College of Music  filled me with nostalgia...

making me feel 'senti' for the memories of happy times I spent there ~ the carefree, innocent days of youth.

Especially happy to see my former Kalayaan roommate,
 (MADZ alumni)  Aurelia "Baby" Malvar-Sailer,
 after nearly 25 years.
 (That looong ~ imagine?!)
We squealed in delight and hugged each other tight. 
"Thank You, LORD!!! ♥

The University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers,
 also known as the Philippine Madrigal Singers
or simply Madz,
 is one of the major cultural groups in the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

This is  Baby Malvar (Aurelia Malvar-Salier).
She was my classmate at the UP College of Music and former roommate at the Kalayaan Dorm in UP Diliman.
We were both excited to see each other again after so many years.
My dearest roommate is now based in Germany with the love of her life and their two beautiful children.

"I love you, Baby! So proud of you." ♥

The Madz batch '89!!!
Back then,
 this batch romped off with ten first prizes in five European choral competitions
 held in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

amazing rendition of the song
"Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin"
with Madz member Edward Granadosin as soloist


'funny', 'playful' rendition of
 "Sa Ilalim ng Punong Saging"

This song touched my heart and made me cry...♥

(by Florante)

This was lovingly dedicated to 
"Ma'am OA"  (Professor Andrea O. Veneracion),
Madz's recently departed founder.

Professor Andrea O. Veneracion


The Philippine Madrigal Singers was organized in 1963 by National Artist, Professor Andrea O. Veneracion.
The choir is one of the world's most awarded, having consistently won all the top prizes in most of the world's prestigious competitions.

"Ma'm OA", as what we would all fondly call her in the U.P.College of Music in Diliman, passed away last month  (July 9).
She was 85 and had been bedridden for eight years, following a massive stroke in late 2005.

"Ma'm OA" Veneracion served as faculty member of the UP College of Music while leading the Madrigal Singers.
She also founded and served as first conductor of the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music Chorale and later became honorary chair of the Philippine Choral Music.

She received the Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award for Culture and the Arts in '97, and was named National Artist for Music in 1999, at the peak of her career.

To our dear "Ma'am OA",
Thank you for the music.
You will always live on
 in each song that the MADZ interpret!
The Angels in heaven will rejoice
for you will be joining them in singing hymns of praise to the Lord!

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